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  • Protection Upgrades
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  • Commissioning Services
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  • Installation Services
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  • Range of Services

    Powerstaq Services includes not just to the supplied products but also we undertake services to third party supplied products. 
    Please contact us for any of your electrical problems.

    Protection Upgrades

    Powerstaq has extensive experience in LV and MV protection upgrades. The protection of the equipment and the users are the most we value for, The old protection devices (ACB/VCB) can be upgraded with the latest technology devices which ensures efficiency, compactness and value for money.

    Retrofit Solutions

    Retrofitting is the updating of old systems with modern components in order to improve their technical performance, safety and efficiency. From practical experience, the parts of switchgear that are subject to intensive wear are the contact assemblies and operating mechanisms of circuit breakers. Metal enclosures, busbar arrangement, supporting frames, insulators, secondary wiring and transformers age less rapidly and their remaining lifetime is comparable to that of a new installation.

    Commissioning Services

    Our Experienced Commissioning Engineers can offer routine services during planned maintenance, emergency response following site failures & commissioning of new installations. Just contact us for our availability.

    Extension Panels

    We can provide a wide range of extension panels to a wide variety of manufacture’s equipment. We can provide Extension panels for Medium Voltage Swithgear, Distribution Boards and also withdrawable Motor Control Center with any brands.

    Installation Services

    Our qualified installation team are capable of handling site installations at the highest standard of professionality. The services includes for L.V.Swichgears, M.V.Switchgears (AIS/GIS), Ring main unit, transformers, DC systems, termination kits.

    Protection Relay Services

    Powerstaq offers:
    - Relay setting calculations
    - Discrimination study
    - Short circuit calculations
    - Testing

    Power Quality Analysis

    Powerstaq provides Power Quality Analysis for your plant which includes harmonic analysis, energy management solutions, power factor correction study.


    Powerstaq undertake annual maintanance contract for any make of products from the range of 400 volts to 36 kV which includes AIS/GIS switchgears, Oil & Dry type transformers, DC system etc. We nurse your system at our care and experience giving you peace of mind.

    Emergency Support

    We provide you a 24 hours hotline services. You got a problem or any failures of electrical switchboards please contact our services.